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Projector Screen

Screen Type Feature Model HARGA 
Tension Motorized Screen NEW PRODUCT TMR-1818 Rp4,450,000
TMR-2121 Rp5,100,000
TMR-2424 Rp5,850,000
Deluxe Motorized MOTORIZED DELUXE WHITE DMR-1818 Rp3,700,000
Tubular Motor, Universal Bracket DMR-2424 Rp4,450,000
Incl RF Remote Control DMR-3030 Rp7,300,000
Motorized ELECTRIC STANDARD WHITE MR-1818 Rp3,350,000
Strong Metal Casing, Glossy Coating MR-2121 Rp 3,700,000
Tubular Motor, Wall or Ceiling mount ready MR-2424 Rp 4,075,000
Incl RF Remote Control & Receiver MR-3030 Rp 5,725,000
Large Motorized
MR-366366(I3) ( SEAMED ) Rp 9,475,000
Tubular Motor, RF Remote Control MR-305406-SL (SEAMLESS) Rp 11,100,000
Manual Auto-lock systems MAS-1818 Rp 975,000
Slow Going System (n/s MAS-3030) MAS-2121 Rp 1,475,000
Wall or Ceiling Mount Ready MAS-2424 Rp 2,275,000
*New Improved TRIPOD MAS-3030 Rp 3,000,000
Tripod Adjustable Screen Height & TRI-1818 Rp 1,275,000
Image Area, Instant Installation TRI-2121 Rp 2,050,000
TRI-2424 Rp 2,275,000
Fast Fold Front Rear Projection FAS-3020FR Rp 12,350,000
Mobile Casing, 8 cm Black Border FAS-4030FR Rp 18,100,000
Foldable Fabric, Easy to clean FAS-6040FR (SEAMED) Rp 56,100,000
Foldable Fabric, Easy to clean FAS-6040FR (SEAMLESS) Rp 65,100,000
Portable Floor Screen FLOOR TABLE HAN-60F Rp 2,980,000
Air Pressure Mechanism HAN-80F Rp 3,350,000
Portable Table Screen TABLE SCREEN TBL-100 Rp 1,600,000
SIGNATURE MOTORIZED LARGE (4:3 Format) (Allumunium Case, Seamless fabric, Quiet Tubular motor, new set RF remote control) SMR-300225Q Rp 8,050,000

Rp 10,100,000

MICROVISION Description P. List
Manual Pull Down Wall Screen

MWSMV1212L Microvision Manual Wall Screen 127x127 cm / 50"x50" 700,000
MWSMV1515L Microvision Manual Wall Screen 150x150 cm / 60"x60" 750,000
MWSMV1717L Microvision Manual Wall Screen 178x178 cm / 70"x70" 950,000
MWSMV2121L Microvision Manual Wall Screen 213x213 cm / 84"x84" 1,530,000
MWSMV2424L Microvision Manual Wall Screen 244x244 cm / 96"x96" 2,100,000
MWSMV3030L Microvision Manual Wall Screen 300x300 cm / 120"x120" 3,180,000
MWSMV1520L Microvision Manual Wall Screen 150x200 cm / 100" Diagonal 2,269,500
MWSMV1824L Microvision Manual Wall Screen 180x234 cm / 120" Diagonal 2,779,500
MWSMV2230L Microvision Manual Wall Screen 218x290 cm / 150" Diagonal 3,519,000

Tripod Screen

TSMV1515L Microvision Tripod Screen 150x150 cm / 60"x60" 850,000
TSMV1717L Microvision Tripod Screen 178x178 cm / 70"x70" 950,000
TSMV2121L Microvision Tripod Screen 213x213 cm / 84"x84" 1,650,000
TSMV2424L Microvision Tripod Screen 244x244 cm / 96"x96" 2,300,000

Portable Screen

PSMV60"L Microvision Portable Screen 200x130 cm / 60" Diagonal 2,940,000
PSMV80"L Microvision Portable Screen 200x170 cm / 80" Diagonal 3,600,000

Motorized Wall Screen

EWSMV1717RL Microvision Motorized Screen 178x178 cm / 70"x70" (RC included) 3,900,000
EWSMV2121RL Microvision Motorized Screen 213x213 cm / 84"x84" (RC included) 4,600,000
EWSMV2424RL Microvision Motorized Screen 244x244 cm / 96"x96" (RC included) 5,000,000
EWSMV3030RL Microvision Motorized Screen 300x300 cm / 120"x120" (RC included) 7,600,000
EWSMV3636RL Microvision Motorized Screen 360x360 cm / 140"x140" (RC included) 13,000,000
EWSMV1520RL Microvision Motorized Screen 150x200 cm / 100" Diagonal (RC included) 5,049,000
EWSMV1824RL Microvision Motorized Screen 180x234 cm / 120" Diagonal (RC included) 5,499,500
EWSMV2230RL Microvision Motorized Screen 221x295 cm / 150" Diagonal (RC included) 8,789,000
EWSMV2736RL Microvision Motorized Screen 267x356 cm / 180" Diagonal (RC included) 12,180,500
EWSMV3040RL Microvision Motorized Screen 300x401 cm / 200" Diagonal (RC included) 12,410,000
EWSMV4060RL Microvision Motorized Screen 400x600 cm / 300" Diagonal (RC included) 69,990,000

Remote Control for Motorized Screen

RC Remote Control for Motorized Screen 2,000,000

Folding Screen Front Projection

FSMV1520 Microvision Front Projection Screen 157x211 cm / 100" Diagonal 14,390,000
FSMV1824 Microvision Front Projection Screen 183x244 cm / 120" Diagonal 15,990,000
FSMV2230 Microvision Front Projection Screen 229x305 cm / 150" Diagonal 17,590,000
FSMV2736 Microvision Front Projection Screen 274x366 cm / 180" Diagonal 19,050,000
FSMV3040 Microvision Front Projection Screen 320x427 cm / 200" Diagonal 20,650,000

Folding Screen Rear Projection

RSMV1520 Microvision Rear Projection Screen 157x211 cm / 100" Diagonal 16,790,000
RSMV1824 Microvision Rear Projection Screen 183x244 cm / 120" Diagonal 18,120,000
RSMV2230 Microvision Rear Projection Screen 229x305 cm / 150" Diagonal 20,250,000
RSMV2736 Microvision Rear Projection Screen 274x366 cm / 180" Diagonal 26,500,000
RSMV3040 Microvision Rear Projection Screen 320x427 cm / 200" Diagonal 32,920,000

Folding Screen Combo Projection (1 box, 2 surfaces: front & rear)

FRMV1520 Microvision Front&Rear Projection Microvision 157x211 cm (100" Diagonal) 20,510,000
FRMV1824 Microvision Front&Rear Projection Microvision 183x244 cm (120" Diagonal) 23,210,000
FRMV2230 Microvision Front&Rear Projection Microvision 229x305 cm (150" Diagonal) 25,910,000
FRMV2736 Microvision Front&Rear Projection Microvision 274x366 cm (180" Diagonal) 30,500,000
FRMV3040 Microvision Front&Rear Projection Microvision 320x427 cm (200" Diagonal) 35,650,000